Review: Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask

Hi beauties! Here are my thoughts on this Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask that I got at Forever 21 for $1.00. When I saw that it is targeted towards blemished skin, I grabbed it because I figured I might need it at some point. Alas, my skin did start to freak out over the weekend so it was a good time to try this out. When I first opened this, I could definitely smell the signature tea tree oil scent. One thing I noticed is that the mask isn’t very saturated compared to the Baroness (review here) one I also purchased at Forever 21. Another thing that was weird was the shape of the mask-it was wider than it was long, and it didn’t want to stick to my face in certain areas. I think the dimensions were just a bit off. It made it to my chin but only a little bit past my eyebrows (then again I have a big forehead haha). Again, the Baroness sheet mask covered my entire face.

I left the sheet mask on my skin for 20 min and massaged in any excess product into my skin. Did I notice any differences in my skin after using this sheet mask? Nope, nothing. Haha then again, for a $1 I guess I can’t complain. I will say I liked the Baroness brand much better. I still have one more Love & Beauty sheet mask to try, and it’s targeted toward oily skin. I’ll let you know my thoughts on it once I use it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xo Sandy

Review: Baroness Vitamin C Mask Sheet

Hello my loves! Today’s post is a review of the Baroness Vitamin-C Mask Sheet. I bought this as Forever 21 for $1.90. This sheet mask is made in Korea. When I came across these mask sheets in Forever 21, I was super excited because I’ve always wanted to try sheet masks but never came across them in any stores.  There seemed to be a ton of different options for the masks, and I would have gone through them more but I saw them while I was in line to check out and didn’t want to hold up the line browsing haha.

I picked  up the Vitamin-C one because I’ve read that Vitamin-C is good for your skin and can have a brightening effect. Here’s what the packaging says:

“Baroness Vitamin-C highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet contain Vitamin C extracts which help to brighten, regenerate and hydrate skin. It heals, reduce inflammation,and blemishes, leaving skin looking nourished, brighter and rejuvenated.”

How to Use

1. After cleansing, dry face thoroughly.

2. Apply mask sheet onto face.

3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

4. Remove mask and pat face with fingertips gently. Do not need to rinse, allowing for further absorption.

The sheet mask in all it’s glory:Don’t be alarmed! It’s not a monster, it’s just me lol. 

I applied the mask after I took a shower, and left it on for 20 minutes. When I first took the mask out of the packaging, I was surprised at how soaked it was with product. It was very wet. After I took it off, I applied my regular nighttime moisturizer on top of the residue from the mask. I didn’t notice any effects on my skin immediately after. The next morning, I did feel like my skin felt softer but didn’t notice any brightening effects.

Although I didn’t notice any significant changes in my skin after using this mask, I still think it was a fun/relaxing experience. It’s definitely a cheap thrill and I would pick up a different one the next time I’m at Forever 21.

Have any of you tried products from Baroness? What are your favorite sheet masks?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

xo Sandy

Favorite Drugstore Makeup Removal and Skincare Products

Hello lovelies! I thought I would share with you the products I use in my skincare routine. Everything I use is from the drugstore. I have oily/combo skin-my t-zone gets very oily and the area around my jawline is dry and sensitive. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a skincare product that helps with my oily skin, so if any of you have any suggestions I would love to know. These products just help keep my skin clean and moisturized, and they don’t break the bank.
Makeup Removal

Neutrogena eye makeup remover: This is a two layer makeup remover so you have to give it a good shake to get it mixed up. I buy the mega-size CVS brand of this and it works just as well as the name brand. It doesn’t feel greasy and removes all types of eye makeup well. It does leave a little residue behind but I find it feels moisturizing on my eyelids.

Kirkland Makeup Wipes 11.99/150 wipes: For days when I’m feeling lazy, these cheapie wipes from Costco do the job. They come in a big box, so you can definitely split them with a friend or family member if you don’t want that many. They are wet enough and remove makeup well.
Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin- 4.2 fl oz
Garnier Cleansing Oil $7.99: This is best when I’m wearing a lot of makeup that day. The oils help break down the makeup fairly well. I’ll usually follow with the Cetaphil cleanser to remove any residue. It doesn’t totally remove eye makeup but helps loosen it enough that it comes off easier when I use the Neutrogena eye makeup remover. I haven’t experienced any clogged pores or breakouts with this. The only complaint I have is that the pump can sometimes leak randomly.

Cetaphil Cleanser $11.99: On lighter makeup days, this does the trick. It’s gentle on my skin and removes light makeup well. It doesn’t do as well with heavy makeup.

Cerave Moisturizing Cream $15.99: I use this at night and I love it. It’s definitely a thick cream but it sinks into my skin so well and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It makes my skin feel nice and soft 🙂 It’s a tad pricy but you don’t need much for your face, so the tub lasts a long time. Cerave products contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are great for your skin. This is targeted towards normal to dry skin, but I personally think any skin type could use this. It’s great for the colder months when your skin needs the extra moisture.

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30: This lotion is on the thicker side but it sinks into my skin well, and it of course contains the needed SPF for daytime. This is on the pricy side for the size of the bottle (3 oz), but I have yet to find a day moisturizer I like better than this one so I’ll just suck it up for now and keep an eye out for coupons. This is also targeted to normal to dry skin, but I think any skin type would get along fine with it.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar- 6 fl oz
Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar $3.99: I use this as an exfoliant instead of a mask in the shower. It’s grainy but also kind of melts down because of the sugar, so it’s not too harsh on my skin. I’ll typically use it twice a week.
Lumene Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask- 3.4 fl oz
Lumene Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask $9.99: I randomly found this clay mask a few years ago at Walgreens on clearance for around $5 and I fell in love with it. It’s meant for normal to oily skin and claims to absorb oil and tighten skin- and it actually does! It also makes my skin feel smoother after I use it. This is another product I use in the shower, usually about once a week. I can’t find it at Walgreens anymore or any other drugstore for that matter, so I re-purchased it on Amazon for about $5. So if you are interested in it, I would check Amazon.

That’s it! All of these products seem to be working well for my skin. I’m definitely a big fan of the Cerave products. What skincare products have you been loving?

Note: Pictures are not mine, click for the sources! 🙂