July Favorites/Where have I been??

Hi friends! Long time no blog! Seriously, I am so so sorry for being gone for so long (over a month?). I don’t really have a good excuse for where I have been. For about a week in July I was away on vacation, and then when I came back I was feeling very unmotivated and uninspired to write blog posts. I was also working a lot and overall busier than usual. Every time I got home I was just feeling tired and not feeling like doing much of anything. It was just a giant slump for me. On top of that, I wasn’t even playing with makeup as much as usual because I didn’t have the time for it(sad face!). Any who, that’s my rather weak explanation of where I’ve been. I’m finally feeling ready to start writing again! I have missed WP so much! Oh, to add to my blogging woes my WP app on my iPhone has been acting up-it keeps crashing when I try to read blogs. The WP app is my favorite way to read blogs and comment, so I’ve been missing out on reading everyone’s posts (depressing!). I contacted their support several times and finally someone told me that it is a bug they are hoping to resolve next week. I really hope it gets fixed soon because I love reading blogs on my phone (much easier/faster than on my laptop).

Ok, my rant is done. I have really missed you all! Again, I’m sorry for my disappearance act. I’m feeling really bad about it and am also very worried about how often I’ll be able to blog once I start school in a couple weeks. Ahh!

Alright, for real Iet’s move on to makeup! Keep reading for my (very) belated July Favorites.

It wouldn’t be a monthly favorites post without a favorite foundation combo! Seriously, every month it seems I find a new foundation to mix with my L’oreal True Match Lumi foundation.

Favorite foundation combo: L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation mixed with L’oreal True Match Lumi. I yet again picked a shade too dark for me in the Pro-Matte line, so mixing it with the too-light Lumi has given me a perfect match. It also tones down the matte-ness of the Pro-Matte foundation, which makes it easier to blend and slightly more natural looking. Love the two together!

Favorite eyeshadow palette-Lorac Unzipped Palette: I hadn’t picked up this palette in a long time and I’m glad I did, it is so pretty! I love the shine/frost of some of the shades, they are very vibrant. My two favorite shades have been Unattainable (shimmery copper) and Unreal (shimmery rosy champagne). The shadows in this palette are a little drier in texture but the color payoff is great. I was really using this palette non-stop the past month. I also love how easily the shades pair together, it makes doing a beautiful eye look very simple.

Favorite Lip Color-Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Drive In”: I have been using this shade non-stop lately, it is so stunning! It is a bright purple/fuchsia shade. These liquid lipsticks dry down very matte and there is no worrying about the color transferring off. It is also very easy to apply because the perfect amount of product comes onto the doe foot when you take it out of the tube (unlike the Stila liquid lipsticks, way too much product comes off!). I currently have three other shades of this and ordered three more (ordered more before they announced the new shades, dangit! #makeupaddictproblems).


L to R: Colourpop Drive In, Lorac Unattainable, Lorac Unreal

As you can see, there wasn’t too much going on in terms of makeup for me during July. But, the products I did mention I love a lot. That’s all for today my lovely peeps. I think I’ll maybe do a little post on my vacation in case you are curious about it. I think it will be fun to write about 🙂

Until next time!

-Sandy ❤

June Favorites

It’s time again for the end of month round up! Keep reading to find out what got the most love in June!

Makeup Products

Foundation combo: Physician’s Formula Youthful Wear Serum & L’oreal True Match Lumi I keep finding new foundations to mix with the Physician’s Formula one, which is too dark for me on its own. Mixed with the L’oreal Lumi, it gives a nice and glowy satin finish.

Wet n’ Wild Blush & Glow Trio in Sunset Junction This has been such a great little trio! I especially love the blush and highlight. The blush color is a very natural warm light pink, and the highlight is a super shimmery pinky champagne color. I’m not sure if these palettes are still around or not but if you stumble upon them, definitely try them!

L’oreal Infallible Setting Spray I’ve been loving using this to dampen my beauty blender to blend out my concealer and for setting my makeup.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer I just love how creamy and brightening this is for under my eyes.

MAC Lipsticks Men Love Mystery and Whirl MAC added some new matte lipsticks to their permanent collection, and of course I couldn’t help but buy a couple. Men Love Mystery is a lovely purple shade, and Whirl is a deep mauvey brown shade.

NYX HD Blush in Taupe This is seriously the best thing I have used so far for contouring. It’s the perfect cool toned shade for me.


L to R Men Love Mystery, Whirl, Wet n’ Wild Sunset Junction

TV Favorite

photocred netflixlife.com

You guys, I have been super obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy lately. I have binge watched almost the entire series over the past couple months. Christina is life! The personal drama is great but I especially love all the medical cases.

That’s all for the month of June! What were your favorites from June?

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

xo Sandy

May Favorites

Hello my dears! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite beauty items from May.

Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites Eyeshadow Palette: I’ve loved experimenting with all the shades in this palette! It’s definitely the largest palette I have and all the colors are so pretty. The quality is pretty good as well.

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette: After struggling a bit with the contour shades, I’ve finally figured out how to make them work for me! The key is to use a light hand and a stipple brush in order to blend them out easily. I’ve loved using the taupe shade to contour and the yellow or cream matte shade to set my undereye concealer.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Fair) After hearing so much about this concealer I finally bought it, and of course I love it. I think it beats out my Instant Age Rewind Concealer! It’s just so creamy and brightening.

Mascara Combo: Maybelline Lash Sensational & Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascaras: Shout out to Bree of Always, Bree for this mascara combo! I read about it on her blog and it made her lashes look so great! It works really well for me too- I apply a coat of the Lash Sensational first to build volume, and then lengthen with the Full Lash Bloom.

Left: Jordana Easyliner Sedona Red Right: Milani Matte Passion

Lip Combo: Jordana Easyliner Sedona Red & Milani Matte Passion lipstick: Matte Passion has been such a fun color to wear out. I pair it with Sedona Red because it’s the most similar lip liner color I have to it, even though it’s much less orange and more red than Matte Passion. It works out though, because it adds some definition to my lips.

And that’s all! Do you have a favorite mascara or lip combo? Just one never seems to do it for me haha 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

xo Sandy

April Favorites

Hello my dears! I’m here with a slightly belated April Favorites. There aren’t too many beauty favorites this time around, and all of the products are things I’ve had in my collection for awhile. Not as exciting as new stuff but I’ve still been loving them!

Beauty Favorites

Tarte “Park Avenue Princess” Bronzer: Although I love everything in the little contour palette, I find myself using the bronzer pretty much every time I put on makeup. It warms up my face so nicely and gives a little definition too. It’s a very warm toned bronzer, so I don’t use it for contouring. I like using a fluffy brush to dust it across my forehead and around my cheekbones. It blends super easily. Although I recently got the NYX highlight and contour pro palette,the Tarte bronzer is still my go-to.

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil “Soft Brown”: I love this brow pencil because it’s quick and easy to use. It’s definitely fool-proof for me, and I love the convenience of the little spoolie on the other side. The only downside is that it’s kind of a soft pencil so I find myself having to sharpen it often. I don’t mind too much because that way I’ll finish it faster and have the satisfaction of actually using up a makeup product haha!

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream “Light” & Physician’s Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation “Light”: I’ve been mixing these two because the BB cream is a little too light and the Physician’s Formula is too dark. The Physician’s Formula adds coverage to the BB cream and I only need to add a couple drops. It gives a really nice finish and is super easy to blend on my skin. Do any of you find yourselves mixing foundations to get the right color or consistency? I do it all the time, haha and I think it’s mostly because I’m not the best at picking the right foundation shades. Sometimes I mix because something is too thick or too runny too.


Left: Maybelline brow pencil Right: Tarte Park Avenue Princess

TV Favorites

Better Call Saul: I was late on this one, I didn’t watch it until the entire first season was over. And then I binge watched all 10 episodes in a couple days. I will say the show was not what I was expecting. It’s actually more of a drama with some funny moments (because Bob Odenkirk is hilarious). The first season is all about Saul’s beginnings as a lawyer, and it kind of explains how he goes into defending criminals. It’s set about 7 years before the events of Breaking Bad. I really liked the first season-it’s a little bit slow-paced compared to Breaking Bad, but very well-written and interesting. 

Orphan Black: Season 3 just began in April, and I was super excited about it. I watched seasons 1 and 2 last summer, and fell in love with the show. It’s kind of a sci-fi drama/mystery but it’s also funny at times. I won’t say much about the plot except for one thing: clones. Do check it out if you think it may be up your alley!

Those are my favorites for April! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 Do any of you watch these shows? If not, what shows have you been loving lately?

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March Favorites

Hello there beautiful! Here are my favorites of the month 🙂

Boots No7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base & Smashbox Photofinish Primer: Oddly enough I don’t like these primers on their own BUT mixing them together seems to work really well for me! The Boots primer is quite thick and pills when I apply it alone, and the Smashbox primer was kind of just eh for me and had been sitting around in my collection. Mixing the two makes it easy to apply and pilling was no longer an issue. I feel like any silicone based primer would work to mix with the Boots primer. One thing I think that has made a big difference in how this controls my oily t-zone is letting the primer sit on my skin for 5 minutes. I’ve noticed when I let it sit awhile before putting foundation on, the oils don’t start to show until a couple hours after the usual time.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless 120 Classic Ivory: A favorite of the past few months! This has just been working really well for my skin type-the coverage is medium, love the matte finish, and it wears pretty well on me.

Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer Fair & Medium Beige: These concealers have really great coverage. I bought the darkest shade to mix with the lightest shade to get a better color match. They are thick but blend out easily with my finger, and I just need a little bit to cover up my dark circles. One thing I’ve noticed though is that it doesn’t play well with other face products-it tends to settle in the line under my eye when I wear foundation underneath it. I don’t have that problem when using it on my bare skin. Very weird. It’s not a huge issue for me though, I just wipe it off when I notice it happening and it’s fine from then on.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Dark Brown: I’ve been bouncing around on eyebrow products lately, and decided to whip this out of my stash to add to the brow rotation. I think I orignally didn’t like this when I first got it, but I actually think its great now! I like that there are two shades, one darker and cool toned, one lighter and warm toned. You get a tiny spoolie and brush, and brow wax. The only thing I wish it came with was a mirror. Oh well, can’t have it all! I get bushy, more natural looking eyebrows with this kit. I like to use the little brush to apply the wax, then use an angled eyeliner brush to mix the two powders and apply it. I then brush it out with a spoolie. It’s very easy to use and I can fill in my brows quickly.

Elf Baked Blush Pinktastic: Although this says its a blush, it’s definitely more of a highlight shade for me. It is a pinky champagne color with a very silky texture. Super pretty on the skin!

MAC Craving (Amplified): I love this berry shade! Super creamy and easy to apply, and I find it to be very hydrating.


L to R: NYX eyebrow cake powder Dark Brown, ELF Baked Blush Pinktastic, Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer Medium Beige & Fair

MAC Craving

TV Favorite: Broad City on Comedy Central is hilarious! Love it so much. It’s definitely weird humor and a lot of adult themes, but I adore it. I can see why it’s not for everyone though.

Highlight of the month: The bf and I did a mini weekend getaway to Holland, MI. It was great visiting a new place and spending some quality time with him 🙂 The town was lovely-they had a cute downtown and they show off their Dutch roots everywhere. I just wish it were warmer so we could see their tulips, which they are known for. Maybe we will go back when the weather warms up.

What I’m Looking Forward to in April: I randomly discovered the band Hey Rosetta! on Spotify a couple months ago and liked their music so much! Much to my surprise I found out they were having a show in Chicago, at a bar that is super close to where I live! So of course I bought tickets. I’m so excited to see them!

What were your highlights this month and what are you looking forward to in April?

February Favorites

Hi everyone! It feels like it’s been so long since I lasted blogged-I got a little busy last week, but I’m back again! Today’s post is my favorites from February. Let’s get to it!

Tarte ‘Tartelette’ Palette: This all matte eyeshadow palette has been a great addition to my collection-it has great colors to highlight, deepen up a look, or use as a transition/crease color. My only wish is that there were some warmer colors included in it.

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation: A repeat from last month, I still love this stuff. I like the coverage, wear, and finish of it, and it seems to cooperate with my combo/oily skin.

L’oreal Glossy Balm ‘Mocha‘: This has been an everyday lip color for me-its a nice color, easy to apply without needing a mirror, and is definitely moisturizing. It’s pinker than the tube and name would make you think. I got this in one of my Walmart Beauty Boxes 🙂

Jordana Easyliner lipliners ‘Rock n Rose, Soft Plum, Cabernet’: These have got to be my favorite brand of lip liners. I’m usually not a big user of lipliners but these are so creamy and pigmented that they can be worn alone or with a lipstick/gloss on top. Also, they are only aruond $2! I’m looking to get more colors of these but whenever I’m at Walgreens they are always out of stock of a bunch of the colors 😦

Maybelline Master Shape eyebrow pencil ‘Soft Brown’: Whenever I don’t have the extra time to use my Anastasia Dipbrow, I’ll use this pencil. I can be done with my eyebrows much faster using this-it’s a soft, creamy pencil that blends easily into my eyebrows. The color is dark enough to give some definition to my brows but also light enough that it’s pretty forgiving if I’m not super precise. The spoolie on the end works well to blend the pencil into my eyebrows.

Makeup Geek ‘Creme Brulee’: Another repeat from last month-I just love how this looks blended into my crease. It’s a great transition color and adds warmth to my eyes.


Favorite moment of the month: My boyfriend and I went to see the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this month. Since we are students, tickets were only $10! It was my idea to go- I do like classical music but I don’t listen to it regularly nor know too much about it, but I thought it would be something different and interesting for us to do. And guess what, I LOVED IT! We were actually a bit late because dinner took longer than we thought it would, so we debated on whether we should still go (we weren’t even sure they would let us in!). We did go and we just had to wait until the first piece ended so we could be seated. It was definitely worth going-it was so beautiful there and the music was amazing. There were a couple pieces by Ravel and another composer whose name escapes me right now-I was definitely a fan of the Ravel pieces. There was one Piano concerto and holy crap, I was amazed at how fast the pianist could play. Hopefully one day we will go again 🙂

What was your favorite moment of the February?

January Favorites

Hi everyone! I’d like to share with you the things I’ve been loving this month. I hope everyone had a great January! February is off to an interesting start for me-it snowed 20 inches here in Chicago on Superbowl Sunday. I feel your pain now North East peeps! I have some beauty faves this month as well as one tv show fave. There aren’t too many new beauty favorites since I don’t want to bore you with the same favorites as last month. I’m still loving a lot of the things from my December favorites.

1. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette: I had a major gigantic breakout on my forehead that I dealed with for a good couple weeks, and this concealer palette really came in handy. I like that I can customize the color using the lighter and darker shades, and it’s great for covering breakouts because it has great coverage and wears really well. The powder it comes with is great for setting the concealer too.

2. Rimmel Provocalips: I have the shades Kiss Me You Fool and Heartbreaker in these. These wear like iron and I love them for that. I like Heartbreaker the best because it’s such a unique shade-kind of a warm reddish brown. Check out my review here.

3. L’oreal Butterfly Mascara: This mascara has been a favorite for a long time. I like to try new mascaras all the time, hoping to find one even better than this but so far nothing has topped it. It just works well for my lashes and is not too difficult to remove. I really hate when you keep wiping your eye with makeup remover and the mascara never seems to come off completely-so annoying! This mascara defines and lengthens pretty well, but nothing too dramatic. It has a rubber brush, which seem to work better for me than regular brushes.

e.l.f. Baked Blush, Pinktastic- .21 oz

4. ELF Baked Blush Pinktastic: This is a named as a blush but it’s really a highlight. It’s not too overpowering which is nice, cuz I don’t want to accidentally look like a shiny discoball. It’s a nice pinky-champagne color.

5. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer: This champagne highlight is definitely more intense for those dramatic makeup days. I like it as an inner corner highlight too.

6. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: Great coverage, wears well, and has a nice powdery-soft finish. Love this foundation! The matte finish has been great for my oily skin. See my review here.

TV Favorite Shameless Season 5: This show is hilarious. Definitely an adult show though, so be forewarned. I adore all the characters, and the storylines are so out there and crazy sometimes. Love it!

Thanks for reading, hope February is off to a great start for you!


Note: Pictures are not mine, sources when you click on them 🙂

December Favorites 2014

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c94/81094031/files/2015/01/img_0920.jpgBeauty Favorites

1. Makeup Geek eyeshadows-Creme Brulee and Cocoa Bear: I’ve been using these shadows  in my crease with so many eye looks-they really add warmth to any look. I’ll usually use creme brulee blown out all over the crease and then add cocoa bear to deepen it.

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer (Light): I use this under my eyes to cover up dark circles. It has good coverage, blends easily, and lasts all day-absolutely no creasing.

3. Tarte Park Avenue Princess Contour Kit: This is a nice all in one for a blush, highlight, and bronzer. I love the colors and love that I don’t have to pull out three separate products. The colors wear all well all day (see review and swatches here)

4. Anastasia Brow Pomade (Dark Brown): I use a regular angled eyeliner brush to fill in my eyebrows with this. It’s surprisingly easy for me to get a natural look- it does take a little bit more time than an eyebrow pencil but I like having more control by using a brush. This stuff does not budge all day.

5. MAC Brave lipstick: A perfect pinky brown lipstick with a satin finish (one of my favorites MAC lipstick finishes). It is a great “my lips but better” lipstick color for me, and goes with pretty much any makeup you wear since it’s pretty muted and neutral.

7. Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick-Fiery: This is a deep and vibrant red that dries down to a super matte finish, and it lasts SO long on the lips. My only complaints are that after hours of wear it is drying, and it’s messy to apply with the doe foot applicator because too much product comes onto it. I will usually just dab a little on my lips and then blend it out with my finger.

8. Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick- Melted Berry: This is a deep berry liquid lipstick. It goes on shiny but eventually dries down to a matte finish. I really love the color, great for the fall/winter season.

9. L’oreal Infallible lacquer liner: This is a deep black gel liner, and it lasts all day. It’s very creamy and easy to apply.

10. Gucci Guilty perfume: I had been wanting this perfume for awhile, and I got it for Christmas 🙂 I’m not good at describing scents, but it’s a little more of a heavier, deeper scent with a hint of spiciness. And of course, the packaging is gorgeous (but prone to fingerprints).

11. Revlon Matte Balm-Sultry: A lovely deep pinky brown color. This color is deeper than MAC Brave-another great fall/winter color. Application is super easy with the crayon/twist-up packaging.


(L to R) Top  Revlon Sultry, Mac Brave  Middle: Too Faced Melted Berry, Stila Fiery                           Bottom: Makeup Geek creme brulee, cocoa bear

TV Favorites

Homeland was right to kill off major character in finale

Image credit: Ann Lee for Metro.co.uk

1. Homeland: Ugh, I love this show so much. I was a little disappointed in the season finale because it was such a slow episode, but overall this season was really good. It’s such a thrilling and suspenseful show. I was a little worried that the show wouldn’t be as good without Brody this season, but it’s as good as it’s ever been. Oh, I also have a huge crush on Quinn(second from the right in the picture above)-I like to refer to him as my TV boyfriend (my real boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind haha). I’m glad he was such a major character this season. I’m really looking forward to the next season (not til October 😦 )

2. The Walking Dead: The mid-season finale was in December, and it was of course insane. This season has been so good so far, and I’m excited for it to return in February.

I’m sad Homeland is over-Shameless starts in about a week, so I hope that will help fill the void.

What were your favorites for December?

Thanks for reading!