Review: NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Hello beauties! Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. There are 8 shades to select from, and it seems like there is a good color selection. I picked the shade Ash Brown, which seems to be a pretty good match for my brows. I’ve read that this is a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and I can definitely see the resemblance in terms of packaging. This is my first retractable brow pencil, but I’ve tried pretty much everything else in terms of brow products (regular pencils, pomade, powder, gel). I thought it would be convenient to have something I don’t have to sharpen, plus it has a great spoolie on one end.

NYX Website

• What it is: A micro mechanical brow pencil that shapes, defines and fills in sparse brows for a natural look.
• What it does: Create a more defined brow by filling in areas that may be sparse or over-tweezed.
• Why we love it: The super-skinny tip draws ultra fine lines, allowing you to create the look of natural brow hairs.
• How to use: Use short strokes to define the brow and fill in any sparse areas then soften edges using the spoolie end.


Ash Brown swatch

Shade: Ash Brown. This is a fairly neutral medium brown shade.
Packaging: One end contains the brow pencil and the other contains the spoolie. Both are protected by their own caps.
Texture: This has a somewhat dry texture.
Pigmentation: I feel that you have to press somewhat firmly to get the most pigment, otherwise a light touch gives off soft color. I think this is nice because you can customize how natural or bold you want your eyebrows to look.
Application: Since the pencil tip is so small, you can get very precise with this pencil. The one thing about this is that it takes me much longer to fill in my brows with this compared to my other brow products. I also feel like I need to twist it up for more product often, since the tip is so tiny.
Wear: This wears really well throughout the day with minimal fading or migrating. I think the drier texture helps with its staying power.
Overall Thoughts: I think this is a solid brow product, although I’m still working on my speed while filling my brows in with this. I like how its easy to get a natural or heavy eyebrow look using this.
Have you tried the NYX Micro Brow pencil? What’s your favorite brow product to use? I’m fond of the Maybelline Brow Precise pencil and Anastasia Dipbrow.
As always, thanks for reading! 🙂
xo Sandy

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints

Hello my loves! After having these for awhile now, I am finally getting around to reviewing the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints ($5.49, 9 shades available). I have four shades to review- Beige, Peachy Apricot, Berry Chrome, and Manganese Purple (I actually had a fifth shade but it seems to have disappeared-makeup hoarder problems!) Keep reading to find out if these are worth your time!

Rimmel’s website description:

“Scandalous colour impact!
It’s the end of dull, subtle colour with this multi-dimensional cream shadow formula
Spatula applicator delivers high intensity coverage in one simple stroke
Waterproof & crease-proof with 8-hour wear”


Top: One swipe Bottom: Lightly blended out L to R: Beige, Peachy Apricot, Berry Chrome, Manganese Purple

My Thoughts

Packaging: These come in a tube and have a typical doe foot applicator.

Texture/Formula: The formula is neither thick or thin, it seems to have a good liquid-y consistency. They become slightly tacky when dry.

Application: These apply very pigmented when swiped on my eyelids or when swatched, but they blend out to be much sheerer. I kind of wanted them to look as good on my lids as they did swatched. I usually do a couple swipes on my lids and blend it out with my finger, and it becomes a nice wash of color. It does set rather quickly so I need to work fast. At most I do 2 layers, letting it dry in between. I feel like building it up to look as intense and metallic as the swatches results in a caked up mess. So for me, these can either be used as a subtle wash of color or as a base for other eyeshadows.

Wear: These wear for about 8 hours and they do fade slightly throughout the day. I noticed some minor creasing by the end of the day.


I’m kind of eh about these. I feel like I expected the shades to appear more intense on my eyes than they actually do. Blending them out takes away that nice metallic sheen, and if I do try to layer it on to get the full intensity color, it starts to cake and crease. So unless you are looking for a quick wash of color or are interested in using them as eyeshadow bases, I would pass. I’m wondering if these might be discontinued since I picked them up on clearance at Ulta and they aren’t on Ulta’s website anymore.

Pros: Affordable, nice color range, quick application, easy to use

Cons: Lose their intensity when blended, so-so wear time

Have you guys tried these? What were your thoughts? Honestly, I don’t find myself reaching for these much. If I want a quick eyeshadow look I would much rather use a cream eyeshadow stick or a Maybelline Color Tattoo.

Review: Milani Moisture Matte Lipsticks Review

Hello my loves! Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on some of the Milani Moisture Matte lipsticks ($5.99). I got the shades Matte Innocence, Matte Blissful, and Matte Passion (there are 8 shades available). Keep reading for my thoughts on them!

Milani website description:

“Meet your matte. Your fantasy matte. The matte that not only feels great (yes, you read that right – it’s actually comfy) but also lasts for hours and has “a-mazing Instagram selfie” written all over it. Infused with grape seed extract imported from Italy, this smear-proof lip soother delivers mega color that won’t budge, even after a close encounter with a cappuccino cup. In eight luxe, go-the-distance shades, from the oh-so-sweet, pale pink Matte Innocence to the va va voom, fiery-red Matte Passion. This matte? So major.”


Shades: Matte Innocence is a light nude color with a bit of peach/pink  in it, Matte Blissful is a medium pink with a purple tone, and Matte Passion is an orange-based red.

Pigmentation: Matte Blissful and Matte Passion are very pigmented, while Matte Innocence is disappointingly sheer.

Application: These lipsticks apply easily out of the tube-no dragging whatsoever as they are actually quite creamy. The only shade I have an issue with is Matte Innocence-it doesn’t build up very well and starts to look cakey on my lips.

Texture: For these being matte lipsticks, they are very creamy and non-drying. They feel really smooth and lightweight on my lips. The texture reminds me a little bit of the Maybelline Matte lipsticks, but I think these are even creamier than the Maybelline ones.

Wear: These wear around 4-5 hours on me, with the exception of Matte Innocence which fades more quickly. The lipsticks do transfer, and they don’t dry down completely on my lips so I’m able to move the lipstick a little bit when I press my lips together. I feel like they are more comfortable on my lips because they don’t totally set on my lips, but it also makes them easier to wear off. Matte Passion does stain my lips.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Affordable, good color selection (unique shades), pigmented, comfortable to wear

Cons: Not transfer-proof, Matte Innocence was very sheer and hard to build up

Overall, I think these are great lipsticks. The cons I mentioned are not deal breakers for me at all. I will say that I don’t recommend Matte Innocence, since it doesn’t have the same pigmentation as Matte Blissful and Matte Passion. I love these two shades, and I feel like they are unique colors in my collection. I don’t own MAC Lady Danger but from pictures and swatches that I’ve seen of it, I think it could be similar to Matte Passion.

Have you tried these lipsticks before? What are your favorites shades? I’m eyeing the purple shade Matte Glam next. If you haven’t tried these yet, what is your favorite affordable lipstick brand?

Thank you so much for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

❤ Sandy

Review: NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Hi everyone! I got swept into the contouring craze and bought this NYX highlight and contour palette ($24.99) at Ulta. I’ve been testing it for a few weeks, keep reading for my thoughts on it!

NYX’s Website description:

• What it is: Professional palette with eight highlighting and contouring colors.
• What it does: Easily allows you to enhance features like cheekbones, nose and jawline.
• Why we love it: The removable and refillable pans are perfect for building your own customized pro palette.
• How to use: After putting on foundation, apply the deeper, contouring powders to any areas you would like to shade and define. Next apply one of the lighter highlighting colors to any areas you would like to emphasize.


Packaging: Love the see through case! It looks fancy to me, and it’s pretty sturdy. You are able to remove each pan if you ever need to replace it. NYX’s website recently added the refillable pans to their website, and there are 12 shades to pick from ($5 each on NYX’s website).

Shades: The top row from left to right consists of a shimmery white/silver highlight, a pale matte cream shade, a pale matte yellow shade, and a shimmery light gold highlight. The white/silver highlight is more pigmented than the gold one, which is pretty subtle. The bottom row from left to right consists of a warm light brown shade (matte), a warm medium brown shade (sparkle in the pan but does not translate on skin), a cool taupe shade (matte), and a deep brown shade (matte).

Pigmentation & Texture: All of the shades are very pigmented, buttery, and finely milled. It takes very little of the contour/bronzer shades for it to show up well on my skin.

Application: All of the powders are easy to apply, but one thing I found with the contour shades is that they were slightly difficult to blend. I lightly touch my brush into them and apply the powder in the hollows of my cheeks for a contour, but it ends up looking harsh because I have a hard time blending it out to look natural. I have tried different brushes with the same problem. A harsh, unblended contour is definitely not a good look! Even when I use one of the lighter bronzer shades to warm up my face, it does not blend very well on me.

Wear: The powders last all day on me but do fade slightly throughout the day. I can still see the bronzer/contour shades on me at the end of a day though.

How I Use the Powders: I like to use either the matte cream shade or matte yellow shade to set my undereye concealer. I don’t notice any significant brightening effects with either of these, but maybe that’s just me. Since the powders are finely-milled and light-weight, they do not make my undereyes cakey or powdery looking. I tend to reach for the white/silver highlight more than the golden one since it’s more pigmented, and also it’s the only white/silver highlight shade I have like it in my collection. One slight letdown for me was the cool, taupey contour shade (3rd shade from the left). I thought it would be the perfect shade for contouring but it pulls a little warm on my skin, womp! Either way I’ll use that shade or the 4th one (sparingly since it’s so dark) for a contour. I’ll sometimes use the first bronzer/contour shade as an all over bronzer to warm up my face-it pulls a little more orange than I would like. I haven’t really used the second bronzer/contour shade.

Final Thoughts

Pros: 8 shades, refillable pans, pigmented, finely-milled, affordable compared to high-end contour palettes (each pan comes out to a little over $3 each)

Cons: Hard to blend bronzer/contour shades, bronzer/contour shades aren’t totally flattering for my skin tone personally

Overall, I do like the palette but wish the bronzer/contour shades were more blendable.

EDIT: I find that the key for using the contour shades is to use a stippling brush-I have a much easier blending out the darker shades this way.

What’s your favorite highlight/contour palette? Comment below! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

Review: NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains

Hello my loves! Today I bring to you a review of the NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains. I think these are new for Spring 2015, and there are 6 shades available at $2.99 each. I picked up the shades Unforgettable Fuschia and On Everybody’s Lips. Liquid lipsticks seem to be blowing up in the beauty world, so keep reading to see if this drugstore option is worth your time!

NYC Website:

Pucker up with this kiss ready lip stain. You’ll get weightless fresh color that’s never sticky or messy. Just a long lasting, creamy stain that stays in place so you can keep on smooching without the worry!

  • Easy application
  • Light weight
  • Non-sticky
  • Enhances color on lips
  • Does not fade
  • Stains lips
  • Intense color
  • Up to 4 hour wear

SwatchesMy Thoughts

Shades: Unforgettable Fuchsia is a lovely, bright fuchsia color while On Everybody’s Lips is a deep mauve color with a cool undertone.

Packaging: Packaging is pretty much like any other liquid lipstick, but one thing that sucks is that the shade names are not on the tube. They are on the plastic seal that you have to take off when you open it for the first time.

Texture: These have a thin, almost watery consistency.

Pigmentation: Unforgettable Fuchsia is very pigmented, while On Everybody’s Lips is more sheer.

Application: The applicator is a traditional doe foot applicator. Unforgettable Fuchsia is very pigmented and only take a couple layers to get it opaque. On Everybody’s Lips takes several layers to get it to its full intensity, and it starts to get very patchy as you apply more of it. It also dries weirdly around my lips and looks darker  You can see this in the lip swatch picture if you look on the left side of my bottom lip. Definitely not attractive!

Finish: These dry down to a matte finish after a minute or two and feel comfortable on my lips-they are neither moisturizing or drying.

Wear time: Unforgettable Fuchsia lasts around 4 hours on my lips and does leave behind a vivid stain. On Everybody’s Lips wears off pretty quickly (1-2 hours) and doesn’t leave behind much of a stain.

Does it live up to the claims? I feel like I agree with all of NYC’s claims about the shade Unforgettable Fuchsia but not for On Everybody’s Lips. On Everybody’s Lips is not as pigmented, does not leave much of a stain, and fades pretty quickly.

Would I recommend these? I think Unforgettable Fuchsia is great, and these are a steal at $2.99 each. On Everybody’s Lips was a dud for me and I wouldn’t recommend it, which is a shame because I love the shade. I just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work for me, it just had a different consistency compared to Unforgettable Fuchsia. I would be interested in trying some of the brighter shades in the hopes that they have the same pigmentation and staining power of Unforgettable Fuchsia. I would stay away from the lighter shades.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Only $2.99, Unforgettable Fuchsia was very pigmented and long-lasting

Cons: Only 6 shades, inconsistent formula between shades

So what do you think, will you be picking any of these up? Or if you have tried these already, what were your thoughts?

Thank you so much for reading!

❤ Sandy

Review: Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask

Hi beauties! Here are my thoughts on this Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask that I got at Forever 21 for $1.00. When I saw that it is targeted towards blemished skin, I grabbed it because I figured I might need it at some point. Alas, my skin did start to freak out over the weekend so it was a good time to try this out. When I first opened this, I could definitely smell the signature tea tree oil scent. One thing I noticed is that the mask isn’t very saturated compared to the Baroness (review here) one I also purchased at Forever 21. Another thing that was weird was the shape of the mask-it was wider than it was long, and it didn’t want to stick to my face in certain areas. I think the dimensions were just a bit off. It made it to my chin but only a little bit past my eyebrows (then again I have a big forehead haha). Again, the Baroness sheet mask covered my entire face.

I left the sheet mask on my skin for 20 min and massaged in any excess product into my skin. Did I notice any differences in my skin after using this sheet mask? Nope, nothing. Haha then again, for a $1 I guess I can’t complain. I will say I liked the Baroness brand much better. I still have one more Love & Beauty sheet mask to try, and it’s targeted toward oily skin. I’ll let you know my thoughts on it once I use it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xo Sandy

Review: Wet N Wild Fergie Come Correct Celebrity ConcealerW

Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer “Fair” swatch (not blended and blended)

Hello my lovelies! I’m here with a review of the Fergie by Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer. I picked this up for $4.99 at Walgreens in the shade Fair. This is the lightest shade available, and there are only three shades in total. The darkest shade is not particularly dark, it looked like a golden/beige color. So the lack of shade range is definitely a con.

On to the concealer itself:

Left: Wet N Wild Concealer on my undereye Right: No Concealer

Top: No concealer on my dark circles Bottom: Wet N Wild concealer under both eyes

Packaging: This concealer comes in a simple black tube, which is easy to use. One thing I noticed is that after having the concealer for a couple weeks, I find I need to squeeze pretty hard to get the concealer out sometimes. I think maybe it dries out at the tip of the tube or something because it wasn’t like that when I first used it.

Texture: This concealer is definitely a bit thick, but blends out easily with the warmth of my finger.

Application: I’ll usually just dab the concealer onto my skin directly from the tip of the tube. I start out with very small amounts of it since it’s quite concentrated, and then blend it out with my finger and dot on more as needed. I wouldn’t advise applying too much at once because it’s thick and would be more likely to crease.

Shade: The shade Fair is definitely too light for me, so I need to go and get a darker shade to mix them and get a better color match. If you are fairer than me, than this should work well for you.

Coverage: The concealer is very pigmented and thick, so you don’t need much of it to cover up what you want to cover. I have only used this to cover dark circles. I’m sure it would be ok to cover acne/blemishes or scars, but I have not tested that out (haven’t needed to…yet haha). I personally prefer to use a cream concealer when I have any blemishes to cover up, but I think that this concealer would be nice to use since you don’t need much of it to cover.

In terms of coverage of my dark circles, it does a pretty good job except the darkness underneath does peek through a bit. This is the case with most concealers I’ve used, so the only fix for me is to use a corrector to cancel that out better.

Wear: I tested this out without primer or any other face makeup in the photos above, and I didn’t experience any creasing throughout the day. At the end of the day, the coverage was still there but it looked like it was starting to break down a bit (but I expect this after wearing it for 9-10 hours without primer). Although it didn’t crease when I wore it on its own, it did settle into the lines under my eyes when I used a little bit over a different concealer (Maybelline Instant Age Rewind).


I like this concealer! The coverage is good and its quite affordable. I also like the convenience of a squeeze tube. The only major con I can think of is the lack of shade range (three shades? C’mon Wet N Wild, you can do better than that!). It seems like they totally neglected people with Medium-Deep skin tones.

Have you tried this concealer yet?

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

xo Sandy

Review: Baroness Vitamin C Mask Sheet

Hello my loves! Today’s post is a review of the Baroness Vitamin-C Mask Sheet. I bought this as Forever 21 for $1.90. This sheet mask is made in Korea. When I came across these mask sheets in Forever 21, I was super excited because I’ve always wanted to try sheet masks but never came across them in any stores.  There seemed to be a ton of different options for the masks, and I would have gone through them more but I saw them while I was in line to check out and didn’t want to hold up the line browsing haha.

I picked  up the Vitamin-C one because I’ve read that Vitamin-C is good for your skin and can have a brightening effect. Here’s what the packaging says:

“Baroness Vitamin-C highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet contain Vitamin C extracts which help to brighten, regenerate and hydrate skin. It heals, reduce inflammation,and blemishes, leaving skin looking nourished, brighter and rejuvenated.”

How to Use

1. After cleansing, dry face thoroughly.

2. Apply mask sheet onto face.

3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

4. Remove mask and pat face with fingertips gently. Do not need to rinse, allowing for further absorption.

The sheet mask in all it’s glory:Don’t be alarmed! It’s not a monster, it’s just me lol. 

I applied the mask after I took a shower, and left it on for 20 minutes. When I first took the mask out of the packaging, I was surprised at how soaked it was with product. It was very wet. After I took it off, I applied my regular nighttime moisturizer on top of the residue from the mask. I didn’t notice any effects on my skin immediately after. The next morning, I did feel like my skin felt softer but didn’t notice any brightening effects.

Although I didn’t notice any significant changes in my skin after using this mask, I still think it was a fun/relaxing experience. It’s definitely a cheap thrill and I would pick up a different one the next time I’m at Forever 21.

Have any of you tried products from Baroness? What are your favorite sheet masks?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

xo Sandy

Review: Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit

IMG_1157Hello you lovely person you! I’m finally getting around to posting my review for this Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit ($14.99). I’ve been using the mascara for a few weeks now (not the fibers as much, you’ll see why down below).

What it is: This is a mascara and fiber kit where you apply the mascara first, brush on the fibers, and then seal the fibers with another coat of mascara. These are the directions on the packaging, and that is how I used them.

Packaging: The packaging is adorable, as expected from Physician’s Formula.

Mascara: The mascara wand is curved, and it works really well to grab all your lashes. I think this is my favorite part of the mascara. The formula is very black and a little on the thicker/drier side as far as mascara goes. It definitely adds volume to my lashes, but doesn’t lengthen them all that much. It also begins to get clumpy when you start to build it up. One weird thing I noticed is that the mascara overflows a little bit when I pull the wand out. It kind of comes out the sides and sticks to the upper part of the wand, so I have to try and stick it back into the tube.

Fibers: Ok, here’s the part I’m not liking as much. The fibers are little black wispy things, and they kind of poof out of the tube when you pull the wand out. Imagine this when you are applying them to your lashes. The packaging says to tap off the excess before applying to your lashes, and of course I skipped over that part somehow the first time I used them. As you can imagine, disaster ensued. The fibers dusted off straight into my eyes, and it sucked. A lot. They also ended up around my eye area and on my eyelids, and trying to get it off was a hassle. So I learned from that mistake and tapped off the excess the next time I used the fibers, as well as kept my eyes shut while I applied the fibers (for fear or getting the fibers in my eyes again).The fallout from the fibers isn’t as bad when you tap off the excess, but I still get it under my eyes and a little on my eyelids. I find its easiest to do the mascara and fibers before doing my eye makeup so that I don’t have to wipe off my eyeshadow cleaning off the fibers.

Wear & Removal: The mascara wears fine on me-I don’t notice any flaking when I wear it. In conjunction with the fibers, I do notice some flaking, which I think is due to the fibers. Removing the mascara is not difficult, although it does take a little extra eye makeup remover because of the thick formula.

Steps: Mascara, Fibers, Mascara again

Result of Mascara+Fibers: Honestly, I don’t see that much added length when I used the mascara and fibers together. It actually makes my eyelashes look clumpy/spidery. The messiness of the fibers and the lack of megalashes at the end of it is definitely not worth the extra step of using the fibers.

Overall: I think the mascara is ok-I really like the brush and the formula does add volume and a llittle length, but the fibers are way too much of a hassle for me with not much of an effect on my lashes. Maybe I’m doing it wrong or something, I don’t know. I think I’ll see if the fibers work better in conjunction with a different mascara (which I guess defeats the purpose of the kit haha).

Have any of you had better results with this type of mascara/fiber kit? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Review: Rimmel Provocalips

Hello dears! Today’s post is a review of the Rimmel Provocaliips longwear lip colors. I got two shades at CVS for $7.49 each (but they were BOGO50% off). I got the shades 750 Heartbreaker (brown/mauve neutral shade) and 500 Kiss Me You Fool (warm bright red). According to Ulta’s website, there are 10 shades available.2015/01/img_1053.jpgApplication: These lip colors are a two-step system. The double-ended doe foot applicator contains the lip color on one end and a clear topcoat on the other. The best way I found to apply these is to apply the lip color, wait 2-3 minutes for it to dry down completely, and then apply the clear top coat/gloss. The color starts out pretty liquid-y and shiny, but will dry down matte after a few minutes. Adding the clear gloss on top makes your lips feel pretty comfortable. I would suggest that you exfoliate your lips before wearing these because it will cling to any flakiness on your lips (not attractive haha).

Comfort: The lip product felt fairly comfortable and lightweight on my lips, and when it started to feel a bit dry after about 5 hours of wear I applied some more of the clear gloss and it felt perfect again. 2015/01/img_1055.jpg

Wear: I was seriously impressed with how long these wore. I put on the shade Heartbreaker (a brown? a mauve? somewhere in between? I’m not quite sure) after I ate lunch around 12:30 pm, and the after picture was taken around 11 pm. In between I had a couple snacks, drank water, ate dinner (breaded and pan-fried chicken), and even brushed my teeth. The color was still there after all that! I’ve worn this shade and the red one before and the results were pretty much the same-barely any budging whatsoever after hours of wear. I actually fell asleep before taking it off and it was still on my lips in the morning (and it still looked pretty decent!).

Removal: You’re going to need something oil-based to take this lip color off because it does not mess around. I tried a little eye makeup remover just to see if it would work, and it only took off some of it while the rest was still stuck to my lips.

Overall: Wow, I think these are so amazing! I would highly recommend them. I don’t have any lip product that lasts nearly as long as these (they beat out the Stila stay all day liquid lipsticks and kat von d liquid lipsticks in terms of wear). They claim to wear for 16 hours and I would say I agree. It’s truly a product you can put on and forget about for the day, except to touch up with gloss if it gets to be dry.

I wish there were more shades I was interested in-there were some light nudes and light pinks that I don’t think would look good on me, a darker red (looked nice but I don’t know about you, but I have so many dark reds), and some bright medium pinks (very bright/vivid). There was a berry shade that was totally up my alley (Kiss Fatal), but it has some metallic sheen in it, which I really am not a fan of. I don’t know, maybe I’ll pick it up anyway and it won’t be so bad.

Quick Overview:

Pros: Last forever, great pigmentation, comfortable, affordable

Cons: Doe foot applicator can be hard for precise application of the bright/dark colors, needs more shade selection

Thanks for reading!