A Comparison: MAC Faux and MAC Brave lipsticks-Do you really need both?

Hi there! I decided to jump on the Kylie Jenner lip bandwagon a couple months ago, so I made a trip to a MAC counter to check out the Faux lipstick that was rumored to be the lipstick she wears. Well, while I was there I took a liking to the shade Brave as well. I thought the two colors were similar enough so I didn’t need both (especially since I was going to pick up Patiesserie too). So I stood there trying to decide which one to get for an ungodly length of time (I’m pretty sure the MUA assisting me thought I was nuts). After what seemed like hours, I finally decided to go with Brave. Of course, the MUA tells me its out of stock ūüė¶ To sate the lipstick monster inside of me, I ended up getting Faux.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Do you ever get¬†that feeling of motivation to have¬†a makeup product¬†when they don’t have it in stores? It practically becomes a¬†hunt for me, like some sort of challenge for me to find it elsewhere because now I NEED it (Yes I’m crazy). It was backordered on the Nordstrom website but luckily I found it at a MAC store a few days later. I’m glad I did finally find it, because I really fell in love with Brave (and prefer it to Faux).


                     Left: No flash                                Right: Flash

Since I have Faux and Brave, I decided to do a comparison to find out how similar they really are. The two are both muted pinky mauve colors and both have Satin finishes. However, you can tell in the tube that Faux is cool-toned and a little lighter while Brave is neutral/on the warmer spectrum compared to Faux. When swatched though, they look extremely similar. You can only see the difference in tone and lightness with a flash photo.


                                Left: No flash                       Right: Flash


                                        Top: No flash         Bottom: Flash

I applied Faux on my upper lip and Brave on my lower lip, and I¬†can barely tell a difference, even with flash. WIthout flash, the two shades are indistingushable to me. Keep in mind, I don’t know how different/similar the two will look on your lips since we all have different pigmentation. However, even swatched on skin you can tell how similar the two are. So, if you are a practical and rational person (I am neither when it comes to lipstick) then you definitely don’t need both. Even a lipstick collector (aka hoarder) like me can barely tell the difference. For some reason I gravitate towards Brave the most though, and I think that’s just because my brain prefers the idea of it being warmer compared to Faux (even though they look the same on my lips).

If you were thinking about picking up either of these lipsticks or already have one and were thinking of picking up the other, I hope you find this helpful. They are essentially dupes of each other and you probably don’t need both of them unless you can appreciate their small differences.

Thanks for reading!