Sigma Brush Dupes? BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set


Hi my loves! I bought this 10 piece brush set off Amazon a few months ago, so I thought I would go ahead and share my thoughts on it! It was only around $10-11 when I bought it then, but now it’s only around $7! Do the brushes remind you of anything or look familiar…?

That’s right, they look just like the Sigma Kabuki brush set! I’ve seen a few dupes of the Sigma Kabuki brush set from different brands and even from generic brands on Amazon. I figured for around $10, it wouldn’t hurt to try the BS-MALL Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set. Especially since that Sigma set retails for $162!


The picture above gives a nice description of what each brush is for. I’ve been using some of the concealer brushes for blending out eyeshadows, and they have been working quite nicely for that. My favorite brush has to be the Flat Angled brush (#4)- its perfect for blending out foundation given its angled shape, and its also one of the best brushes I have for applying powder foundation since its quite dense. All of the face brushes are fairly dense, with the exception of the angled brush (#2), which makes sense given its suggested use for blush/bronzer. All of the small brushes are fairly fluffy and not dense, except for the small tapered brush (#6), which is pretty dense.

All of the brushes are very soft, and I only experienced some minor shedding when I first got them and washed them. I’ve washed them several times since then and have not noticed any shedding. The brush handles are a bit on the cheap side, and I’ve noticed that one of them is not glued together properly as its somewhat loose. I don’t mind too much since its easily fixable with glue.

Sigma F80 vs BS-MALL Flat Foundation Brush
Now, in terms of comparing these brushes to the Sigma ones, I only have one brush to compare to the ones in this set. I have the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. Its counterpart in the BS-MALL brush set is definitely less dense compared to the Sigma one. The density of the SIgma brush helps give fuller coverage compared to the BS-MALL one, but they both do about the same in terms of blending.


I think this brush set is a great deal! They are all very soft, don’t shed, and are so affordable! Sure, the brush handles are a bit cheap but otherwise they are good. Have you tried this brush set?

12 thoughts on “Sigma Brush Dupes? BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

  1. You got a 7 pcs brush set for $10?!! That’s unreal.
    I’ve been curious about that famous F80 Sigma brush but I don’t really NEED it since I prefer using my fingers for foundation application.
    Nice score and thanks for sharing this and comparing it to Sigma. I’m not all that into Sigma brushes – I only have 1 eye shadow brush and I feel it’s overpriced for what it is.

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      • I got my BS MALL brush set off of & LOVE them! $7.01 for the set is an amazing price & I have had ZERO fall out & have used them for about a month now. I would recommend for anyone to at least try them for that price.


  2. I just bought these off of amazon, I don’t really want to shell out almost $100 for makeup brushes, but all the professional MUA’s I’ve talked to said super high end brushes are a must. For the average person though, that kind of seems excessive.

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