Blog Tour Award

blogtourawardThank you to the lovely stashmatters and lifeofkristyn for nominating me for this!


• Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers.
• Give your nominees the rules and a specific Monday to post (please, post your story on Monday June 8th or let your followers know when you post).
• Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

1. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
I feel like I dabble in a few different thing as opposed to focusing on just one area-I do makeup posts, product reviews, nail posts, hauls, etc. Maybe one day I’ll feel comfortable expanding into different areas, like fashion. At this point I don’t know, I’ll just have to figure out what I’m comfortable with.

2. How does my writing/creative process work?
I brainstorm ideas throughout the week, and whichever I am most excited about I starts writing and taking pictures for first. Somedays the ideas aren’t exactly rolling in, which can be frustrating. If I really can’t come up with an idea I’ll try to find a fun tag to do.

3. Why do I write or create what I do?
I absolutely love makeup and beauty, and that is my motivation for writing about it.

4. What I’m working on at the moment?
I’m currently brainstorming ideas for posts!

I nominate:

Glam with Sam

Sober Ramblings about Life and Makeup

Filipino Inside Out

Alice’s Wonderland

Thank you all for reading! 🙂

xo Sandy


9 thoughts on “Blog Tour Award

  1. Congrats and thanks for the shout out and answering the questions!
    Topic suggestions:
    – A series on Lip colours by grouping: reds, pinks, corals etc. and possible dupes in each that you may have in your collection?
    – Stash pics? (you know I love those!)
    – A post on jewellery you love? I find accessories are an easier way to expand from beauty into fashion

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