Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

Happy Friday everyone! This post is the final segment of the spring collaboration series with Merisa of Monogrammed Magnolias. Today’s post is about the fashion trends I’m looking forward to wearing this spring. I did a little online search to see what’s the latest and greatest trends from the fashion runways for the spring season. To be honest, there wasn’t much of these trends that I could actually see myself wearing(if you’re curious, here’s a sampling of what’s “in” this season according to the fashion world-yellow, military, sashes, large print floral,70s, and these weird wide-legged capri looking pants that I forgot the name of) . So I’m going to keep it real and stick with some basic, classic trends that I always look forward to wearing in the spring.

As I compiled these pictures, I could tell the theme was dainty-ness and pastels πŸ™‚ That pretty much sums up the styles I like for spring haha!

1. Lace

Gorgeous lace

Ahh lace-who doesn’t love lace?? It’s just so cute and can give you an “I’m a classy lady” kind of vibe. And how gorgeous is this dress? *swoon*

2. Floral

Botanical Occasion Dress. Floral prints make any event more delightful, so don this sleeveless shirt dress by Tulle Clothing and enjoy the party!  #modcloth

Florals-the most obvious fashion choice for spring and summer. I just love that there are so many different prints out there to choose from, and anything from dresses to skirts, shirts, pants, even shoes!

3. Black and White

Spring/Summer 2015 #Fashion Trends

Black and white-such a basic combo that is appropriate and classic all year round.

4. Circle Skirt

*sigh* I just love how cute these types of skirts look! Must have!

5. Pastels

Lastly, pastels. Such a mainstay for Spring and it’s super easy to incorporate into your outfits outside of clothing, such as jewelry, nail polish, or makeup.

That concludes my top 5 spring fashion trends! What fashion trends are you looking forward to sporting this spring? Or do you not pay too much attention to fashion trends?

Don’t forget to stop by Merisa’s blog to check out her picks! πŸ™‚ And check out our previous posts if you haven’t yet πŸ™‚

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Thank you so much for reading, and have a great weekend! ❀

xo Sandy

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