Review: Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask

Hi beauties! Here are my thoughts on this Love & Beauty Tea Tree Oil Sheet Mask that I got at Forever 21 for $1.00. When I saw that it is targeted towards blemished skin, I grabbed it because I figured I might need it at some point. Alas, my skin did start to freak out over the weekend so it was a good time to try this out. When I first opened this, I could definitely smell the signature tea tree oil scent. One thing I noticed is that the mask isn’t very saturated compared to the Baroness (review here) one I also purchased at Forever 21. Another thing that was weird was the shape of the mask-it was wider than it was long, and it didn’t want to stick to my face in certain areas. I think the dimensions were just a bit off. It made it to my chin but only a little bit past my eyebrows (then again I have a big forehead haha). Again, the Baroness sheet mask covered my entire face.

I left the sheet mask on my skin for 20 min and massaged in any excess product into my skin. Did I notice any differences in my skin after using this sheet mask? Nope, nothing. Haha then again, for a $1 I guess I can’t complain. I will say I liked the Baroness brand much better. I still have one more Love & Beauty sheet mask to try, and it’s targeted toward oily skin. I’ll let you know my thoughts on it once I use it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xo Sandy


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