Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Hi everyone, Happy Friday! Today’s post is my top 5 nail polishes for spring. This is the second installment of the spring series I’m doing with Merisa of Monogrammed Magnolias during April.

For spring I’m really looking forward to wearing pale pastel shades-I know, pretty typical. But I really like these kinds of shades! You’ll see these are mostly the kinds of shades I ended up picking for my top 5 with one exception. You’ll also see how big a fan I am of Sinful Colors haha. They are only $1.99 at Walgreens and they often go on sale for 99 cents. I love their wide shade range and they are constantly coming out with new collections. The one annoying thing is that a lot of the shades they come out with are limited edition, so the colors come and go. If the shades I’ve picked are LE, my apologies! It’s hard to tell what they have made permanent or not in their collection.

1) Thumb: Sinful Colors 1114 Neptune This is the only non-pastel cream shade I picked. It is a light navy blue shade with fine golden green sparkles in it. The shimmers don’t translate that well on my nails, so that’s unfortunate. But, it’s still unique to my collection and for some reason makes me think of spring. Maybe it’s the blue and green that makes me think of rain and grass? Haha I don’t know!

2) Index FingerSinful Colors 1196 Sail la Vie A periwinkle cream shade.

3) Middle FingerSinful Colors 1184 Tempest A warm pastel purple shade

4) Ring FingerSinful Colors 1443 Mint Tropics A warm light green shade (also seen here). It is a slightly minty shade-it reminds me of the color of a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake haha!

5) PinkySinful Colors 1200 Skylark A pale peach cream shade. It reminds me of the color of a creamsicle ice cream 🙂 This one is a bit on the thick/goopy shade.

All of these shades go opaque with two coats, and I have no major issues with any of them.

Those are my picks for spring nail polishes. Remember to go check out Merisa’s picks here.

What nail polishes are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

Thanks for reading! Check back next Friday for our top 5 Spring Beauty Trends! If you missed it, check out our top 5 Spring lipsticks here and here.




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