Walmart Spring Beauty Box

 What It Is:

A quarterly subscription beauty box by Walmart, which is free but shipping is $5. This will be my third box since signing up when it first started in the Fall of 2014.

What I Got:

Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara (Full Size)

Essence Ultime shampoo and conditioner samples + $2 coupon

Dove bodywash sample

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser sample

Lady Gaga Fame black fluid perfume sample

Nivea in Shower body lotion sample packet + $1 coupon

Garnier Ultra Lift sleeping cream sample packet + $2 coupon

Nivea lotion $1 coupon

Maybelline Matte + Poreless sample sheet + $2 coupon

L’oreal & Covergirl-$2 coupons

My Thoughts:

Woohoo, a full-sized mascara! I’ve never tried the Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara before, so it’ll be nice to try out. I’ll add it to my collection of unopened mascaras to try out >_< I’m trying to be good and just have one mascara open at a time (so hard!).

The shampoo and conditioner samples are by the brand Essence Ultime, which I have never heard about before. It’s quite a decent sized sample too, so that’s nice. I like these sample sizes for travel, but I don’t travel that often so I should try using them up at home. I regularly use Dove bodywash and really like it, and I’ve never tried this Mandarin scent before, and I’m sure that will be really good. The Neutrogena facial cleanser will be nice to try out, and the Lady Gaga perfume is actually a nice scent, and it comes out black when you spray it! The rest is little sheet packet samples with loads of coupons, which is definitely great.

Overall, the full-sized mascara exceeds the cost of the shipping, and there are a bunch of things in here I’ve never tried before. Plus, there are tons of coupons so I’m satisfied with this season’s box.

I’m actually quite curious if anybody got different items from mine in their box? I know Karen of Playing Dress Up got the exact same stuff as me, and in the past I’ve noticed there’s usually two variations of the boxes. Let me know if you got different stuff! 🙂

xo Sandy


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