Makeup Wishlist 3/20/15


 Happy first day of spring everyone! I hope it starts to get warm soon over here in Chicago. I can’t wait until everything turns green again! ๐Ÿ˜

Here’s the makeup I’ve been lusting after lately. I can’t get it out of my head so they will probably be mine eventually hehe.

1. Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette ($24.99)

I wanna jump on the contour bandwagon guys! This palette seems reasonably price for the amount of product you’re getting. I think I’ll try and hold out for a sale at Ulta before I pick it up.

Image Cred 1

2. Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette ($27.99) 

I was so bummed when this palette sold out so quickly earlier this year. I’m still waiting patiently for it to be released again. According to the Morphe website, it will be in March or April. I’ve never tried Morphe before, but this palette looks so pretty and the swatches I’ve seen online look beautiful. 

Image Cred 2

3. Best of Becca Cosmetics ($34.50)

I saw this in the most recent Ulta ad and it seemed like such a great way to sample Becca Cosmetics products. I’ve never tried Becca before, but people rave about their highlighters so I would really love to try them out. 

Image Cred 3

So that’s my current makeup wishlist!  Do you have any of these products in your collection already? What have you been lusting after lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Xo Sandy


10 thoughts on “Makeup Wishlist 3/20/15

  1. That Best of BECCA set looks sooo pretty. Has anyone tried the NYX Contour kit? I want a kit but I feel like I don’t need all of those shades. Great post though! I’m thinking about making wish lists a monthly thing on my blog.

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