Review: Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit

IMG_1157Hello you lovely person you! I’m finally getting around to posting my review for this Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit ($14.99). I’ve been using the mascara for a few weeks now (not the fibers as much, you’ll see why down below).

What it is: This is a mascara and fiber kit where you apply the mascara first, brush on the fibers, and then seal the fibers with another coat of mascara. These are the directions on the packaging, and that is how I used them.

Packaging: The packaging is adorable, as expected from Physician’s Formula.

Mascara: The mascara wand is curved, and it works really well to grab all your lashes. I think this is my favorite part of the mascara. The formula is very black and a little on the thicker/drier side as far as mascara goes. It definitely adds volume to my lashes, but doesn’t lengthen them all that much. It also begins to get clumpy when you start to build it up. One weird thing I noticed is that the mascara overflows a little bit when I pull the wand out. It kind of comes out the sides and sticks to the upper part of the wand, so I have to try and stick it back into the tube.

Fibers: Ok, here’s the part I’m not liking as much. The fibers are little black wispy things, and they kind of poof out of the tube when you pull the wand out. Imagine this when you are applying them to your lashes. The packaging says to tap off the excess before applying to your lashes, and of course I skipped over that part somehow the first time I used them. As you can imagine, disaster ensued. The fibers dusted off straight into my eyes, and it sucked. A lot. They also ended up around my eye area and on my eyelids, and trying to get it off was a hassle. So I learned from that mistake and tapped off the excess the next time I used the fibers, as well as kept my eyes shut while I applied the fibers (for fear or getting the fibers in my eyes again).The fallout from the fibers isn’t as bad when you tap off the excess, but I still get it under my eyes and a little on my eyelids. I find its easiest to do the mascara and fibers before doing my eye makeup so that I don’t have to wipe off my eyeshadow cleaning off the fibers.

Wear & Removal: The mascara wears fine on me-I don’t notice any flaking when I wear it. In conjunction with the fibers, I do notice some flaking, which I think is due to the fibers. Removing the mascara is not difficult, although it does take a little extra eye makeup remover because of the thick formula.

Steps: Mascara, Fibers, Mascara again

Result of Mascara+Fibers: Honestly, I don’t see that much added length when I used the mascara and fibers together. It actually makes my eyelashes look clumpy/spidery. The messiness of the fibers and the lack of megalashes at the end of it is definitely not worth the extra step of using the fibers.

Overall: I think the mascara is ok-I really like the brush and the formula does add volume and a llittle length, but the fibers are way too much of a hassle for me with not much of an effect on my lashes. Maybe I’m doing it wrong or something, I don’t know. I think I’ll see if the fibers work better in conjunction with a different mascara (which I guess defeats the purpose of the kit haha).

Have any of you had better results with this type of mascara/fiber kit? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂



11 thoughts on “Review: Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit

  1. Sorry to hear about this product not working out. I have only tried the Yonique mascara and I actually liked that. I wonder how this one would compare.

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