The Liebster Award

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Thank you Sam from Glam With Sam and Jaanethough for nominating me! I was also nominated by NotQuiteLondon but I’m having trouble reaching her page, so if you are reading please leave a comment!


  1. Thank and link back to the person(s) who nominated you and display the award
  2. Answer their 11 questions the nominee asked
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  5. Notify the bloggers you chose for the award
  6. Make a list of 11 different questions for your nominees to answer

Sam’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love recommending beauty products and also warning people of the bad ones! I also love interacting with other bloggers.

2. Why did you become a blogger?

I love to read about beauty products so I decided it was about time I start my own blog so can write about beauty products.

3. What is your favorite makeup company and why?

That’s a tough one, there are so many I love! For drugstore I’ll go with Maybelline and for high-end I’ll go with Lorac. It seems I have a lot of Maybelline products I love, and the same goes for Lorac (love the Pro palettes and the Unzipped palette)..

4. What signature wear are you known for? (lips, lashes, cat eye)

Bold lipsticks cuz lipsticks are my absolute favorite.

5. If you could have any super hero powers, which one would it be?

Haha I can think of so many-flying so I can get to places faster, or even better teleportation! I don’t know if time-travelling counts as a superpower but that would also be awesome.

6. What is your astrological sign?

I’m a Sagitarius! I do believe I fit some of the traits associated with my sign.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I think I’ll be married and hopefully have a steady job.

8. What cosmetic do you splurge on the most?

Lipsticks! Haha do you get how much I love lipstick yet?

9. What’s your favorite color?

Purple or mint green, I can’t decide.

10. Are you a lover for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

BREAKFAST IS MY FAVORITE. I think I could eat it any time of day.

11. What dream do you have that you would like to see come true?

I would love love love to travel-especially to Asia.

Jaanethough’s Questions:

1. What is your dream job?

I’m interested in healthcare and I like to help people so I’m hoping to become a pharmacist.

2. Sweet or savoury food?

Sweet all the way-I have a terrible sweet tooth.

3. What is your current favourite skincare product?

I’m really loving the Cerave moisturizing cream-it’s got great ingredients for your skin and it’s super moisturizing.

4. Who is your idol?

Beyonce. No explanation needed.

5. What is your fondest memory?

I remember the early stages of dating between my boyfriend and I very fondly-we were so awkward and goofy.

6. What is your favourite movie?

I’m a sucker for rom-coms. I’ve watched ‘Love, Actually’ a million times so I’ll go with that.

7. Who is your favourite youtuber?

I can’t just choose one! Mary from aLoveTart, Emily from Beauty Broadcast, Lizzy from WhatWouldLizzyDo, and Leighann from Leighann Says.

8. What is your favourite dessert?

Pie-preferably apple.

9. Coffee or tea?

COFFEE! I’m a coffee monster.

10. Who are your favourite authors?

I love Jane Austen.

11. What is your dream transport?

Teleportation. Because how amazing would that be? One day guys, one day…

Facts About Me

1. I drink coffee everyday (and if I don’t I’ll probably die…or at least it will feel like that HAHA).

2. On top of being a makeup junkie, I’m also a movie/tv junkie.

3. My favorite band ever is Dashboard Confessional-been listening to them since I was 13 and 10 years later I still absolutely adore them. It’s an endless true love guys.

4. I don’t eat red meat-just cuz…I just prefer turkey/chicken.

5. I’m not big on fish either-I’ll eat sushi rolls cuz they are delicious and I can barely taste the actual fish, but outside of that I don’t really eat fish or other seafoods (I’m a little freaked out by shrimp, crab, or lobster because they look too real…ya know, like they just came out of the ocean or something. Yes, I’m weird.)

6. I’m the youngest of three daughters. Also, my dog is a girl. My poor dad dealt with a lot of female hormones here.

7. I’ve never left the continent (North America that is). But I would love to one day.

8. I wish I could be April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation.

How April Ludgate Are You?All roads lead to pizza. 

9. My favorite Disney movie is Mulan.

10. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough-but the kind without chocolate chips. I don’t know about you but I don’t like hard bits in my ice cream. I can deal with crunchy (cookies for example) but chocolate chips are straight up rock-solid.

11. I’ve known my two best friends since elementary school. I also consider my sister and boyfriend best friends. And that’t it for my circle of close friends.

Ron Swanson says ‘Friends: One to three is sufficient.’

My questions:

1. If you could be any animal/creature (real or mythical) what would you be?

2. If you could pick any era of time to live in, what time period would you pick?

3. What’s your least favorite chore?

4. What is your favorite Disney movie?

5. What’s your favorite TV show right now?

6. If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go?

7. If you had an unlimited shopping spree for only 1 hour, what store would you pick?

8. If you won the lottery (let’s say the jackpot was $200 million), what would you do with the money?

9. If you could only pick one brand of makeup to buy from for the rest of your life, what would it be?

10. What’s your favorite part of your makeup routine?

11. If you could pick any celebrity to be your best friend and one to be your love interest (if you have a significant other already than just pretend he/she doesn’t exist right now hehe) who would you pick?

I tag Monogrammed Magnolias, Karen’s CornerAlways, Bree, Broke and Beautiful, Trying Everything Once, Fangirling Owl, and One Girls Obsession With Makeup. (and if you do have more than 200 followers or have already received this award my apologies, but do answer your favorite question(s) in the comments if you’d like :))

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂


Note: Pictures are not mine, click to be linked to their sources 🙂


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