Thrift Store Haul

Hi guys! Today’s post is a thrift store haul. I’ve gone thrift shore shopping with my family for as long as I can remember, and it’s where I buy the most of my clothes. I’m always excited to find some cute things and great deals! I’m not a fashion connoisseur by any means but I do love to shop 🙂Ann Taylor top $2.99

A simple black and white top that will be great for the upcoming spring/summer. Definitely a “goes with everything” kind of top.

J Crew denim top $8.99

This top is brand new! I love denim tops-this long-ish top will go great with leggings for those more laid back days.

Unknown brand necklace $6.99

I love this necklace so much! It’s kind of a pale green color, a great statement necklace.

 Banana Republic too $2.99

Kind of a dressy top-love the necklace design around the collar.I Heart Ronson pants $2.49

These pants were half off so I couldn’t resist. They have a cute floral pattern and a little built in belt. I’m not quite sure what kind of top/shoes I’ll wear it with but I’ll figure it out. 

That’s it for my haul. Do any of you like to shop at thrift stores?

Thanks for reading!



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