February Favorites

Hi everyone! It feels like it’s been so long since I lasted blogged-I got a little busy last week, but I’m back again! Today’s post is my favorites from February. Let’s get to it!

Tarte ‘Tartelette’ Palette: This all matte eyeshadow palette has been a great addition to my collection-it has great colors to highlight, deepen up a look, or use as a transition/crease color. My only wish is that there were some warmer colors included in it.

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation: A repeat from last month, I still love this stuff. I like the coverage, wear, and finish of it, and it seems to cooperate with my combo/oily skin.

L’oreal Glossy Balm ‘Mocha‘: This has been an everyday lip color for me-its a nice color, easy to apply without needing a mirror, and is definitely moisturizing. It’s pinker than the tube and name would make you think. I got this in one of my Walmart Beauty Boxes 🙂

Jordana Easyliner lipliners ‘Rock n Rose, Soft Plum, Cabernet’: These have got to be my favorite brand of lip liners. I’m usually not a big user of lipliners but these are so creamy and pigmented that they can be worn alone or with a lipstick/gloss on top. Also, they are only aruond $2! I’m looking to get more colors of these but whenever I’m at Walgreens they are always out of stock of a bunch of the colors 😦

Maybelline Master Shape eyebrow pencil ‘Soft Brown’: Whenever I don’t have the extra time to use my Anastasia Dipbrow, I’ll use this pencil. I can be done with my eyebrows much faster using this-it’s a soft, creamy pencil that blends easily into my eyebrows. The color is dark enough to give some definition to my brows but also light enough that it’s pretty forgiving if I’m not super precise. The spoolie on the end works well to blend the pencil into my eyebrows.

Makeup Geek ‘Creme Brulee’: Another repeat from last month-I just love how this looks blended into my crease. It’s a great transition color and adds warmth to my eyes.


Favorite moment of the month: My boyfriend and I went to see the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this month. Since we are students, tickets were only $10! It was my idea to go- I do like classical music but I don’t listen to it regularly nor know too much about it, but I thought it would be something different and interesting for us to do. And guess what, I LOVED IT! We were actually a bit late because dinner took longer than we thought it would, so we debated on whether we should still go (we weren’t even sure they would let us in!). We did go and we just had to wait until the first piece ended so we could be seated. It was definitely worth going-it was so beautiful there and the music was amazing. There were a couple pieces by Ravel and another composer whose name escapes me right now-I was definitely a fan of the Ravel pieces. There was one Piano concerto and holy crap, I was amazed at how fast the pianist could play. Hopefully one day we will go again 🙂

What was your favorite moment of the February?


12 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. I recently bought one of those Jordana lipliners and I love it! I used to purchase those MAC lipliners, but darn does it feel bad to use all that money on just a lipliner… I know what I’ll be buying now! I heard Essence lipliners are good too 😀

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  2. I think I might need some Jordana mattes… if only I could find a walgreens that carries the darn brand! As for the Tartelette, I didn’t even realize it was so cool toned! I do prefer cool so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice. It’s gotten such a good acceptance from the beauty community, perhaps there will be a warmer second!?

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