NOTD & Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish First Impression

IMG_1189Happy Monday friends!

Today’s post is a NOTD and my first impression on the nail polishes I used. The nail polishes are by the brand Pop-Arazzi, and I found them at CVS recently. I could be wrong but I think they are a new brand of nail polish because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them at CVS. Isn’t the packaging adorable? That’s part of what drew me in-plus, when I bought them they were 99 cents and they had a lot of shades to pick from.

The shades I used were The Hue Is Blue (pastel blue cream shade) topped with Sparkle-Fetti (multicolored micro-glitters with larger hexagon glitters). One thing I noticed as soon as I opened the nail polishes was the strong nail polish-y scent, so that was a little unpleasant but I got used to it. I did two coats of The Hue Is Blue-the polish was fairly opaque, but a tad streaky. A lot of pastel cream shades have this problem, so I wasn’t totally surprised. The formula was otherwise pretty easy to work with, although it was a bit thick and seemed to dry rather quickly so that contributed to the streakiness.

I used Sparkle-Fetti as a glitter topper on my ring, middle, and index fingers. I had no complaints about this shade-the base wasn’t too thick or too thin, and the glitters came off pretty well with each swipe. The larger silver hexagons were a little harder to pick up but still not too bad.

This is day two of wearing the polishes, and so far no chips but I’ll have to see what the wear is like over the next week or so. In case you’re wondering, I used Revlon Colorstay Base Coat and NYC Grand Central Station as a topcoat, which work really well to extend the wear of any nail polish. Anywho, I’ll keep you posted on the wear!

So would I recommend them? So far, I really like the shades and don’t have too many complaints about the formula of the two I tried so far. According to the CVS website, they retail for $2.99 which isn’t too bad-but if you can wait for a sale I would do that. I think I would only pick up more of these if there was a particular shade that caught my eye or if there was another sale.

Have you tried the Pop-Arazzi nail polishes? Thanks for reading!


Update 3/11/15: The wear on these two polishes was pretty standard for me-probably a week or so before I noticed any major chips. There was general tip-wear throughout the first week. I think I wore this manicure for a couple weeks (whoops) before changing it and it held up fairly well.

Drugstore Haul! CVS and Walgreens

Hello dears! These are the latest items I’ve added to my makeup collection 🙂 I went to CVS and Walgreens over the last week and this is what I got! I’ll start with CVS-I only intended to pick up a new mascara but somehow I walked out with 3…but but I couldn’t resist! There was a $5 off $15 cosmetics coupon, $5 off Physician’s Formula makeup, and I had a $5 extra bucks coupon.


From L to R: Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara, Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I’ve heard great things about the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara from Bree on her blog Always, Bree. The wand of the Maybelline mascara looks similar to the L’oreal Butterfly Mascara wand, which I really like, so hopefully I’ll like the Maybelline one too. I’ve tried Covergirl Lashblast Volume and Fusion before and wasn’t impressed, so we’ll see how I like the Full Bloom Mascara.


Close up of Physician’s Formula Lash Extension Kit

The Physician’s Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit drew me in-it’s a two step kit with the mascara and fibers in separate tubes. I’ve never tried lash fibers before so I think it will be an interesting experience. The wand on the mascara is pretty curved so II’m curious how I’ll like it.


Pop-Arrazi Nail Polishes Top from L-R: Shell Me More, The Hue is Blue, Sparkle-Fetti Bottom: Close up of Sparkle-Fetti

New nail polishes! I think this must be a new brand because I’ve never seen or heard about these before this week. The band name is Pop Arazzi, and they were only 99 cents at CVS so I couldn’t pass up trying a few. I’m always attracted to pastel blues and minty greens, so I had to grab those colors (even though I’m pretty sure I own some that are similar haha). I also grabbed a glitter polish that I thought looked cool and I don’t have anything similar-it’s got multi-colored micro-glitters and larger silver hexagon shaped glitters. Has anyone tried polishes from this brand? I haven’t tried them yet but I did notice that they have a pretty strong nail polish-y scent when you open them.


Top L to R: Kiss Trio Lashes Short Combo, Kiss Trio Lashes Short Combo Double Volume Bottom: Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe-black

Finally, the Walgreens haul. I decided to try lash trios to see if I’ll have an easier time applying them. I got Kiss Lash trios Short Combo, one regular and one with double volume. I picked up a new lash glue to see if it works any better than the other Kiss lash glue I’ve been using. The new one I got is black and the one I already had dries clear. I’ll find out if I just suck at applying falsies or if the glue is the issue-when I try to apply a full band of falsies the inner and outer corners come loose. I’m not sure if the glue stinks or if I’m letting the glue dry too long before applying them. Haha I’ll get the hang of it one day…

That’s it for my haul! So far I haven’t tried anything yet but I’ll let you know how some of it works out. Have any of you tried these products before-if so, what did you think? Thanks for reading!


FOTD Burgundy Eyes and Lips


Eyeshadows used marked in purple X’s 🙂 Lorac Pro Palette on top left and Makeup Geek eyeshadows on top right (Cocoa Bear and Bitten  on top from L to R, Creme Brulee on the bottom)

Hi there everyone! This is my look of the day 🙂 I decided to go for a warm burgundy eyeshadow look using the Garnet shade in the Lorac Pro Palette paired with Bitten, Creme Brulee, and Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek. I decided to make burgundy the theme of my look so I went with Rimmel Provocalips in Heartbreaker on my lips.

IMG_1140Products Used

Face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer and Boots No7 Matte Makeup Base (mixed), Maybelline Pure BB (Light), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer (Light), Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear powder foundation (Fair/Light), Tarte Park Avenue Princess Contour Kit (bronzer and highlight), NYX blush Mauve

Eyes: Lorac Pro shade Garnet all over the lid, MUG Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, and Bitten in the crease, Lorac Pro White and Cream shades to highlight browbone and inner corner, MUG Bitten and Creme Brulee on the lower lash line, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Physician’s Formula False Lash Effect Mascara, Anastasia Dipbrow (Medium Brown)

Lips: Rimmel Provocalips Heartbreaker

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!


Valentine’s Day Nails


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone! I wanted to do a Valentine’s theme manicure and this is what I came up with. I saw a little trick on instagram to get the heart shape-just fold a piece of tape in half and cut it in the shape of a heart. It reminds me of making heart shaped cards with construction paper as a kid 🙂


Like this! photo cred:

I’m only showing you my thumbnail because I ended up smudging the hearts on several nails (the worst!). I stuck the tape onto a piece of paper to keep it from sticking when I folded it in half, then peeled it off the paper. I used a basic black and white polish, and a sparkly red polish for the hearts.

photo cred:

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day! The boyfriend and I will have a simple dinner date, but since he has an early start for work the next day we won’t be out long. I’ll probably hang out with my gals after calling it a night with him (Galentine’s!). What are you up to this weekend? Anything special planned?

Beauty Blogger Tag

I found this tag on the wonderful Jen of Dorkchops blog (do check her out if you haven’t already!) and decided it would be fun to do, so here goes!

1) Is your hair naturally straight or curly?
My hair is naturally wavy with a random curl here and there.

2) Do you dye it yourself or go to the salon?
I’ve never dyed my hair before! I’ve always secretly wanted to though-if I did it would be red/copper brown 🙂 I’ve never dyed it before because I’m afraid I’ll damage it.

3) Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you switch it up?
It’s usually up in a hair clip or ponytail/bun, and sometimes I’ll do a braid. I usually don’t leave it down unless I’ve straightened it or curled it, cuz otherwise it’s just a frizzy mess.

4) Do your own mani/pedi or go to the salon?
I do my own because I like to! Also, I don’t really like having my feet touched by others…is that weird? Haha, it’s partly because I’m ticklish and fear I will start laughing or reflexively try to kick my foot away >_<

5) How often do you change your nail polish?
Whenever I have the time.

6) Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
All year, but more so in the summer when my toes are more likely to be visible 🙂

7) How long does it take for you to put your makeup on?
When I have the time, about 30 min to an hour if I’m trying to be fancy. Otherwise, 10-15 min for a quick bare minimum look. A lot of days I wear barely any makeup because I’m habitually running late.

8) What do you do first face or eyes?
I like to do eyes first in case I get messy and need to clean it up.

9) Do you collect makeup or just buy it?
I guess both? I buy makeup with the intention of using it, but a lot of the time I’ll use it a couple times and then move on to the next new makeup product haha. So it just becomes part of my collection.

10) How often do you wear false eyelashes?
I would love to wear them more often but I’m pretty terrible at applying them haha. Just for special occasions if I can manage to get them on properly.

11) Do you do full face makeup everyday?
Typically no-only if I have the time to do it. If it’s before 8am then makeup is probably not happening.

12) Do you wear makeup when you’re home alone or with family?
Nope, unless I feel like experimenting with different/new makeup products.

13) Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yep! I will probably look like a troll but it’s ok.

14) How many high end products do you own?
Not too many-I tend to splurge on eyeshadow palettes the most, and I do love MAC lipsticks.

15) Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you get ready?
I usually decide when I get ready unless there is some kind of special event going on, then I’ll try to figure it out ahead of time.

16) How often do you change your handbag?
Not very often-I’ll stick with the same one for quite some time until I get tired of it or if I have to change it for some special occasion.

17) What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
I usually wake up at 7-8am for work or class, but if I don’t have anywhere to be it’s around 9-10am.

18) How often or when do you work out?
Never…*hides in shame*

19) Left or right handed?
Right handed.

20) Do you speak any foreign languages?
My parents spoke Spanish to us growing up, so I understand it well but have a hard time speaking it fluently. During high school I took classes in Japanese and Chinese, but unfortunately I remember very little of it.

21) How tall are you?
5ft 5 in (165cm).

22) How many pets do you have?
One dog.

23) How often do you blog?
I aim for a few times a week, but sometimes time escapes me!

24) Do you read comments?
Definitely! I like connecting with other beauty fanatics 🙂 I feel like we understand each other’s love of makeup and beauty products whereas most people in our lives probably don’t.

25) Do you keep a list of products to try that you see in a post?
Mentally, yes.

26) How did you come up with your blog name?
I wanted to incorporate the makeup product I collect the most of-lipsticks! It’s also the makeup product my love of makeup began with.

27) What kind of camera do you use for your photos?
Just an iPhone for now-hopefully one day I will graduate to a nicer camera.

28) How often do you clean your house?
Not very often, I hate cleaning!

29) What’s your favourite colour?
Purple or mint green!

30) Do you swear?
Sometimes, but not that often.

31) What are you doing for the rest of the day?
I’m watching the Bachelor-guilty pleasure!

I hope you enjoyed this post and do the tag too! 🙂


Favorite Drugstore Makeup Removal and Skincare Products

Hello lovelies! I thought I would share with you the products I use in my skincare routine. Everything I use is from the drugstore. I have oily/combo skin-my t-zone gets very oily and the area around my jawline is dry and sensitive. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a skincare product that helps with my oily skin, so if any of you have any suggestions I would love to know. These products just help keep my skin clean and moisturized, and they don’t break the bank.
Makeup Removal

Neutrogena eye makeup remover: This is a two layer makeup remover so you have to give it a good shake to get it mixed up. I buy the mega-size CVS brand of this and it works just as well as the name brand. It doesn’t feel greasy and removes all types of eye makeup well. It does leave a little residue behind but I find it feels moisturizing on my eyelids.

Kirkland Makeup Wipes 11.99/150 wipes: For days when I’m feeling lazy, these cheapie wipes from Costco do the job. They come in a big box, so you can definitely split them with a friend or family member if you don’t want that many. They are wet enough and remove makeup well.
Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin- 4.2 fl oz
Garnier Cleansing Oil $7.99: This is best when I’m wearing a lot of makeup that day. The oils help break down the makeup fairly well. I’ll usually follow with the Cetaphil cleanser to remove any residue. It doesn’t totally remove eye makeup but helps loosen it enough that it comes off easier when I use the Neutrogena eye makeup remover. I haven’t experienced any clogged pores or breakouts with this. The only complaint I have is that the pump can sometimes leak randomly.

Cetaphil Cleanser $11.99: On lighter makeup days, this does the trick. It’s gentle on my skin and removes light makeup well. It doesn’t do as well with heavy makeup.

Cerave Moisturizing Cream $15.99: I use this at night and I love it. It’s definitely a thick cream but it sinks into my skin so well and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It makes my skin feel nice and soft 🙂 It’s a tad pricy but you don’t need much for your face, so the tub lasts a long time. Cerave products contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are great for your skin. This is targeted towards normal to dry skin, but I personally think any skin type could use this. It’s great for the colder months when your skin needs the extra moisture.

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30: This lotion is on the thicker side but it sinks into my skin well, and it of course contains the needed SPF for daytime. This is on the pricy side for the size of the bottle (3 oz), but I have yet to find a day moisturizer I like better than this one so I’ll just suck it up for now and keep an eye out for coupons. This is also targeted to normal to dry skin, but I think any skin type would get along fine with it.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar- 6 fl oz
Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar $3.99: I use this as an exfoliant instead of a mask in the shower. It’s grainy but also kind of melts down because of the sugar, so it’s not too harsh on my skin. I’ll typically use it twice a week.
Lumene Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask- 3.4 fl oz
Lumene Matt Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask $9.99: I randomly found this clay mask a few years ago at Walgreens on clearance for around $5 and I fell in love with it. It’s meant for normal to oily skin and claims to absorb oil and tighten skin- and it actually does! It also makes my skin feel smoother after I use it. This is another product I use in the shower, usually about once a week. I can’t find it at Walgreens anymore or any other drugstore for that matter, so I re-purchased it on Amazon for about $5. So if you are interested in it, I would check Amazon.

That’s it! All of these products seem to be working well for my skin. I’m definitely a big fan of the Cerave products. What skincare products have you been loving?

Note: Pictures are not mine, click for the sources! 🙂

FOTD Ft. ELF Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyehadow ‘Soiree’


Swatches- Top: Milani eyeliner Middle: ELF Soiree eyeshadow Bottom: Jordana Matte Dare

Hi guys, I’m back for a FOTD. For some reason I really love these kinds of posts 🙂 I’m especially inspired to do these when I’m trying products that are new to me or I particularly like the way a makeup look turned out. It’s just fun to play with makeup!I picked up a couple of the ELF Long lasting lustrous eyeshadows at Target, as well as the Baked Blush in the shade Pinktastic. I’ve had the shadow for awhile now but I hadn’t used it because I wasn’t entirely sure how to…it has a very fluffy moussey texture, and it’s very sparkly. It doesn’t really have enough pigment on it’s own but it works well as an eyeshadow topper. So that’s how I used it! I used Mauve from the Lorac Pro palette all over my lid and then Taupe in my crease. I then used the ELF shadow in Soiree and patted it on top of my lid with my finger. It has a lovely sparkly effect. I then lined my upper lash line with a brown eyeliner by Milani. On my lips I dabbed Jordana Matte Dare to give the look of a berry stain.

Products Used

Face: Boots No7 Matte Makeup Base and Smashbox Photofinish primer (mixed), Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous and Garnier BB cream for oily skin (mixed), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Light), Maybelline Dream Wonder powder (Classic Ivory), Rimmel Natural Bronzer, Benefit Rockateur blush, ELF Pinktastic blush (highlight), Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette

Eyes: Anastasia Dipbrow (Medium Brown), Covergirl Olay concealer (eyeshadow base), Lorac Pro Palette Mauve on lid and Taupe in crease, ELF Long-lasting lustrous eyeshadow (Soiree) on lid, Milani Liquif’eye eyeliner, Maybelline Falsies mascara,

Lips: Jordana matte lipstick Matte Dare

Hope you enjoyed this look, thanks for reading!


January Favorites

Hi everyone! I’d like to share with you the things I’ve been loving this month. I hope everyone had a great January! February is off to an interesting start for me-it snowed 20 inches here in Chicago on Superbowl Sunday. I feel your pain now North East peeps! I have some beauty faves this month as well as one tv show fave. There aren’t too many new beauty favorites since I don’t want to bore you with the same favorites as last month. I’m still loving a lot of the things from my December favorites.

1. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette: I had a major gigantic breakout on my forehead that I dealed with for a good couple weeks, and this concealer palette really came in handy. I like that I can customize the color using the lighter and darker shades, and it’s great for covering breakouts because it has great coverage and wears really well. The powder it comes with is great for setting the concealer too.

2. Rimmel Provocalips: I have the shades Kiss Me You Fool and Heartbreaker in these. These wear like iron and I love them for that. I like Heartbreaker the best because it’s such a unique shade-kind of a warm reddish brown. Check out my review here.

3. L’oreal Butterfly Mascara: This mascara has been a favorite for a long time. I like to try new mascaras all the time, hoping to find one even better than this but so far nothing has topped it. It just works well for my lashes and is not too difficult to remove. I really hate when you keep wiping your eye with makeup remover and the mascara never seems to come off completely-so annoying! This mascara defines and lengthens pretty well, but nothing too dramatic. It has a rubber brush, which seem to work better for me than regular brushes.

e.l.f. Baked Blush, Pinktastic- .21 oz

4. ELF Baked Blush Pinktastic: This is a named as a blush but it’s really a highlight. It’s not too overpowering which is nice, cuz I don’t want to accidentally look like a shiny discoball. It’s a nice pinky-champagne color.

5. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer: This champagne highlight is definitely more intense for those dramatic makeup days. I like it as an inner corner highlight too.

6. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: Great coverage, wears well, and has a nice powdery-soft finish. Love this foundation! The matte finish has been great for my oily skin. See my review here.

TV Favorite Shameless Season 5: This show is hilarious. Definitely an adult show though, so be forewarned. I adore all the characters, and the storylines are so out there and crazy sometimes. Love it!

Thanks for reading, hope February is off to a great start for you!


Note: Pictures are not mine, sources when you click on them 🙂