Walmart Winter Beauty Box

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/c94/81094031/files/2014/12/img_0814.jpgHi everyone, happy Sunday! Today I will share with you what I received in my Winter Walmart beauty box. The box itself was free but shipping was $5. This is a quarterly box, with a new box coming out each season-Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. This is something Walmart introduced recently and the first box came out this past fall.


In my box I received the following: sample sizes of the L’oreal OleoTherapy shampoo and conditioner (2 oz each), Jergens BB Body perfecting skin cream (1 oz), Olay fresh effects makeup wipes (7 wipes), and a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the shade Maple Kiss. There is also a packet sample of the Nivea Cocoa Butter lotion and a cardboard sample of the Maybelline Dream Wonder powder. Both contain $1 off coupons.


Maybelline Maple Kiss


Maybelline Maple Kiss swatch


Maybelline Maple Kiss

Maybelline Maple Kiss lipstick is a lovely color for the winter. It’s a warm brown color with a slight red undertone with a cream finish.

All the products in this box except for the Dream Wonder powder are new to me, so I’m definitely excited to try them out. The shampoo and conditioner as well as the makeup wipes are perfect for travel. The sizes of the L’oreal shampoo and conditioner are pretty generous so I’ll be able to get multiple uses out of them. Overall I’m really happy with everything I received in this box! I’m able to try out several new products for only $5. This is currently the only beauty box that I am subscribed to. I like that it’s a seasonal box because I buy enough beauty products on my own that I don’t have to worry much about accumulating products compared to receiving a box every month. It is probably one of the cheaper beauty box subscriptions out there, and for only spending $5 I won’t be too disappointed if one of them turns out to be a dud.

When the Fall box came out a couple months ago, I read on Nouveau Cheap’s blog that depending on your age group you would receive different products in your box. I actually saw Eleventh Gorgeous open their box in one of their recent Youtube videos and they got totally different products, so I was surprised when I received my box.

What did you receive in your Walmart Beauty box for the winter? Were you satisfied or disappointed?


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